10 January, 2006

Literary resolutions

To read a hundred books this year

To have some specific interests: the long 19th century; the realist european novelists; Racine; Shelley; linguistics; Thomas Mann; middle eastern history.

To read more Marx.

To buy some decent, keepable books, and only get trash and contemporary novels from the library.

To not run up library fines.

To avoid rereading childrens' books and trash, and read new worthwhile things instead.


Sicily said...

library fines should not exist at all ever. last week i paid £39.95 to The Gate. this is an insult to my entire existence.

i blame the librarians.

problemshelved said...

You're on dangerous ground there Gwen, in fact you may even be out-numbered. And personally I never charge anyone who appears very poor, very nice, very polite or very very good-looking anything.
Although sometimes I won't waive the fine because I consider the borrower irresponsible and I think they need a short sharp shock. This may be what keeps happening to you.
Or else it's just those fucks at the Gate who you should blame. After all, they deleted my entire records for no reason...

woodscolt said...

Yes, I only fine the arrogant, rich, sexist or personally unpleasant.

American students who put it on their parents' credit card used to pay, pay, pay.

problemshelved said...

We get people trying to put fines on other people's credit cards, but they're not usually their parents. That's how inclusive the Idea Store concept is; even criminals now pay their library fines