01 August, 2006

A scientist called Steve

Just finished Leonardo's mountain of Clams and the Diet of Worms, another of Stephen Jay Gould's excellent collections of essays on biological, palaeontological and evolutionary topics. He's a wonderful writer, witty and lucid and the approach to each topic is illuminating not just for what he says on particular issues but for what he tells you about scientific philosophy and method. [36]

I was pleased to notice recently when reading the Bad Science archive that there is now a list of scientists called Steve in his honour. As a counter to the lists produced by creationists naming hundreds of people with Phds who don't believe in evolution, the National Center for Science Education asked scientists to sign up to a statement affirming the scientific basis for evolution - but only if they were called Steve (or Stephanie). Incidentally, Bad Science is a wonderful way to while a way a few minutes if you're bored at work and have an internet connection...

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