01 October, 2006

...and books to read

- Ariel Levy's Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the rise of raunch culture
- Grossman's Life and Fate
- Peter Weiss's The aesthetics of resistance (might try this in German since the English translation appears to be very small print on very large pages. Also, I should probably attempt either this or Life and Fate, and not both.)
- Peter Linebaugh's The London hanged, on recommendation from my friend S. A history of those hanged at Tyburn and the phenomenon of public executions.
- Martin Walker's The Cold War (still not getting very far with this, despite it seeming quite readable.)
- Joe Sacco's Notes from a defeatist (graphical reportage)
- Christa Wolf's Musterkindheit and Medea
- Christopher Booker's massive The seven basic plots: why we tell stories, about the history and reasons for human storytelling.


Phil Marsden said...

The better Joe Saccos are Safe Area Gorazde and The Fixer. But you may have read those already.

woodscolt said...

I haven't, only the one about the Occupied Territories; I'll look out for those in the library.

phil marsden said...

I left my copies in Sarajevo, where they were much appreciated - they're not on sale there.