13 February, 2007

Bedside table

Currently on my bedside table:

Grimm's fairy tales
Kapital volume 1
Christa Wolf's Kindheitsmuster
Joann Sfar's Chat du Rabbin bandes dessinées
Racine's Andromaque
Henri Barbusse's Le feu
Hannah Arendt's On revolution
Adorno's The culture industry
German poetry, 1910-1975 : an anthology edited by Michael Hamburger
Poésie : 1946-1967 by Philippe Jaccottet
Literary theory by Terry Eagleton
Seven types of ambiguity by William Empson


weierstrass said...

is the Chat du Rabbin any good? i was thinking of buying it when we were in France. or maybe it's on your bedside table because you haven't started it yet..

woodscolt said...

It's very good, although I've only read the first one so far.