16 October, 2007

Catching up

I am currently very, very behind, so here is a list of what I've read recently and I'll try to do some longer posts on these books later.

Nana [51]
L'éducation sentimentale [52]
George Steiner's The death of tragedy [53]
Billy Collins's Questions about angels [54]
Michael Hamburger's Selected poems [55]
Another poetry book, the title and author of which I have completely forgotten, and which I can only check when I next go to the Poetry Library [56]
Sheila Rowbotham's Dreams and dilemmas, a lovely collection of articles [57]
The Spare Rib reader [58]
A study of the poetry of Keith Douglas, by William Scammell [59]
The night watch, by Sarah Waters [60]
Flight without end, by Joseph Roth [61]
The roaring nineties, by Joseph Stiglitz [62]
A collection of children's wartime and holocaust diaries, collected by Laurel Holliday [63]

I'm currently in the middle of Le rouge et le noir, The selfish gene, Elaine Showalter's A literature of their own and a history of Germany 1918-1990. More soon...

Edit: book number 56 is Jack Gilbert's Transgressions: selected poems.


Phil said...

What did you think of Education Sentimentale? And Nana? I haven't read it yet, getting back to Zola shortly.

I have the Stiglitz too, and his new one. Is it any good?

woodscolt said...

I thought the Stiglitz was very interesting - at the same time a defence of Clinton's economic policies and a suggestion that Clinton didn't go far enough, while obviously seeming a model president compared to Bush. It also taught me a lot about the basic workings of the economy, and it's very readable.