10 April, 2008

Recent acquisitions - poetry

Components of the scene - poetry and prose from the Second World War, ed. Ronald Blythe
Anthology of modern French poetry, ed. C.A. Hackett
Spells, ed. F. McEachran
French poetry today, ed. Simon Watson-Taylor and Edward Lucie-Smith

The book called Spells is a lovely collection of all sorts of bits of verse, from Homer to Auden. The introduction explains: "Essentially a 'spell' is an incantation, and all I can say is that the actuall practice of saying verse aloud, stressing the incantatory side, is the origin of the term here... I have defined a spell as 'concentrated poetry, of sound or sense'."


stefanie said...

Oh, that "spell" book sounds wonderful!

woodscolt said...

It's great to have an old battered book that just says 'Spells' on the spine, too!