21 January, 2009


Reading: I'm engrossed in A.S. Byatt's The virgin in the garden, which is like a sort of twentieth century Charlotte Brontë.

Listening: Still having a kind of music block. Still, I have student stand-by tickets to the Royal Ballet's La Bayadère tomorrow, which should be good: it's not a ballet I know.

Watching: nearing the end of Deadwood season 3, and already sad that it's nearly finished. At the weekend I watched most of Cromwell, with lovely lovely Alec Guinness and Richard Harris, and the recent Bond film, which featured some excellent haircuts.


Vivienne said...

Is it a first reading or a re-read of 'The Virgin in the Garden'?

I first read it aged 16 or 17, and thought Frederica was perfection incarnate. The older I get the less I want to be her - and the more interesting other characters become. I think I'm really more of a Stephanie in the end.

woodscolt said...

First reading - I loved it. Really want to find the rest of the quartet now. But yes - Frederica was exactly who I wanted to be when I was a teenager, but not any more...