09 May, 2007

Two interviews and some pictures

Interview with Will Self about children's literature, reading and writing.

An old interview with Anthony Gormley, who has an amazing installation of iron men around Waterloo Bridge.

Photos on flickr of Anthony Gormley's iron men around the South Bank Centre. Cycling over Waterloo Bridge at twilight you suddenly notice how many there are - they're distinctly eerie.


weierstrass said...

i was cycling too today and trying to figure out how close to one you had to be before you would be able to tell it wasn't a real person, if you didn't know. I guess in the dark, when you don;t see colour, only the fact that it wasn't moving would give it away.

woodscolt said...

Apparently people have been ringing emergency services about them. I think they're way cool, I hope they leave them there.

weierstrass said...

I didn't realise either how many there were until I was going back over the bridge in the evening. It's odd how you pick out the shapes so easily everywhere once you know what you're looking for.

woodscolt said...

I think they've put more up over the last couple of weeks - the two on the National Theatre are new.