10 May, 2007

Yet another way to spend too much money in my lunch breaks

Visited Skoob bookshop yesterday, just behind the recently revamped Brunswick Centre, and it's lovely: light and nicely organised and with loads of books I fancied. I could have spent a lot more there than the ten quid I modestly confined myself to. That's the fourth decent bookshop near my work, along with the Amnesty bookshop which is a ten minute cycle ride away, the Oxfam bookshop on Bloomsbury St and the excellent Gower St Waterstones. And that's without counting Gay's the Word and the art and architecture bookshop on Marchmont St, and the remainder bookshop on Southampton Row.


Phil said...

Skoob was my favourite bookshop from 1993-1997, when I first worked in London, in Chancery Lane. It was based in Southampton Row then. I loved the organisation of it, alphabetically by publisher, for being very neat and easy to browse, and that's how my books are organised. My book collection was largely started from Skoob purchases.

woodscolt said...

As you know, the idea of classifying books by publisher is anathema to me (although I grant you it looks nice). They didn't have the books like that when I went in, though; perhaps they've given it up.

Your cycling blog is looking good - when are you setting off?

Phil said...

Early Saturday morning. Thank you for your donation.

Have they given it up? Last time I went in there (a couple of years ago) they still had orange penguins, penguin classics and Pciador at minimum in separate sections.